Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Christmastime for Hitler

After letting it all soak in, I've just determined that The Producers is my favorite production ever!

Overall, I had the best time ever. It was a truly satisfying show. I can't remember the last time I laughed sooooo hard at something so politically incorrect. Okay, well now that I think about it, the last time was during the South Park movie. But, The Producers was so consistantly funny that I had tears during the whole show!

The script is witty and the songs are catchy and clever. Thus is the genius of Mel Brooks. It was just so amazing to see a bunch of old women sing about wanting sex, then do a whole choreographed number with their walkers.

Everything was so absurd and that's why I loved it! It was the perfect satire of the theater industry and yet I don't even know much about theater.

It was no-holds-bar offensive and poked fun at almost everyone. It was comic genius and even had a play-within-a-play (and from what I saw, I would totally watch a full production of "Springtime for Hitler").

I just can't say enough good things... I was smiling throughout the whole show, laughing constantly at the rapid fire jokes, and giggling at the sick/twisted lyrics. In fact, I want to get the soundtrack. Though Rent wins out on having more satisfying music. But The Producers was just incredibly enjoyable.

I could see how Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane would have been better in the main roles and I would love to see the show again if they were in it (hint hint Ellvin Kelvin). Jason Alexander and Martin Short were still good though, but the former actors seemed better fit for the roles.

Well, enough gushing. I loved it!

Earning money for my own musical production... ew...