Monday, September 13, 2004

Ivana Blow Your House Down

An oldie, but a goody.

I haven't started packing yet, but I leave for Florida tomorrow! After weeks of tracking Hurricane Ivan, it appears as if it's basically gonna miss Florida (at least the bulk of it) and it has slowed down so much that we probably won't have to fly near it (knock on wood). Thank heavens for Chef Boyardee!

Picture from

From the picture above (HOORAY!), you can see that the hurricane is making one heck of a curve. Because the ferocious one-eyed monster, Ivan, is leaning to the left so much, we can get in! I'm glad it's not gonna be hard. Masking porn is fun! Our flight arrives in Florida at 6:15am Wednesday, so we'll get through while Ivan remains in the gulf (knock on wood).

Anyway, I'm really psyched about this trip! So pumped! It's gonna be great as all great can great! Hiya!

I will see you all not this Wednesday, but next next Wednesday when I get back in the afternoon. God, I've been waiting for this trip for forever and a day and a half. I'll have pictures and I promise to get them on The Routes if stupid unreliable Geocities would let me in to edit my website!

Now that I nailed the picture-in-blog thing (special thanks to K-mart for showing me a site to host pictures), how's about someone hook me up with my own URL... eh? eh? Any takers? Okay, I won't hold my breath.

Take care!!!

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