Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back in Action

I'm back from my somewhat stressful vacation in New York. Yes, I had fun and really enjoyed seeing seven shows (well, maybe 5 of them) and meeting my favorite comedian and eating at a famous chef's restaurant and saying "what's up" to an emaciated actor... but in all honesty, I'm glad to be back. Yeah, I got sick, but it's just nice to kick back at home and actually relax. At New York, I feel constant pressure to be doing something and if I don't, then I feel it's a wasted time.

But anyway, I have to gather all the photos we took from Samantha Wu, Amazing Grace, and Timotei for a true-to-force trip report. Until I get those pictures, I can't write up anything.

I can say this though. This is my 250th blog entry! Awesome!

Back in the dumpster,