Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Worker Bee-otches!

On this here little blog of mine, I tend to steer clear of hating on anyone close to my life. For instance, you'll never see me badmouth a family member or a friend or forgotten friend (unless in which case I already have, then you won't see me do it again). It pains me to bury these thoughts, you know? Sometimes I have to just bite my tongue and not blog about something even though I really really want to vent, which sort of means that this blog isn't 100% my honest life. It's a fluff piece because, well, just imagine the consequences if I were to just openly vent about someone close to me.

But people at work? What the hell. I'll talk about them however the frick I want.

Wow, where to start? Well, I think ya'll know that my boss is the coolest guy in the world. He's easy to talk to, friendly, funny, and understanding. Then there are the two or three co-workers who get on my case about using Apple computers. Then there's the guy who is like an older brother to me. We're constantly betting each other to do stupid things and I always lose (a bag of Corn Nuts). And then there's the lady who doesn't like me because I'm coasting through life pretty easily.

But on to the people for whom I've written this blog. We've seen a good number of newbies enter our office space in the past coupla months. One is a very cool nephew of one of my favorite co-workers.

But then there's this one person who has no real sense of office etiquette. This person is very blunt in that whatever comes to mind, it will be said. And trust me, they're idiotic comments that you roll your eyes over. This person is just grating.

But, and I just noticed that I've been using "but" a whole lot, there is one other person that also gets on my last nerve. This other person is smug and has no real sense of humor. This other person, to keep this short, is also grating.

So there you have it. I didn't really "say whatever the hell" I wanted to say about these people, as I didn't write anything that disclosed even their gender. I guess I am afraid that this will get back to one of them somehow. What can I say? I enjoy writing fluff pieces.

Hatin' in silence,