Monday, August 28, 2006


Back to normal civilian life after a weekend well spent with the angelic winged Jasmine. But it wasn't without its scares.

Yes, we saw Snakes on a Plane, but that wasn't the frightening thing.

After blazing through Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure in one day, we headed back to our hotel on foot. The walk was a relatively short one (about a block or two) up a hill, over the freeway. But as we were trotting along, we saw a husky black gentleman a good distance ahead. He looked normal enough; afroey hair enclosed in a cap, shirt and jeans, shoes and even socks. In his left hand looked to be a portable CD player (with no cord extending out of it) and his right hand jittering in the air.

It wasn't till he muttered "Where are you God?" that Angel Wing Jasmine and I thought he might be a little off. At this point, we were pretty close to him. So we stopped dead in our tracks. I popped my cell phone out and pretended to take a call using such obvious security terms as "oh Bob, you have 911 at the ready" and "oh, the police are on the line too?"

The man didn't seem to care. He just went along muttering to himself and walking down the sidewalk.

We waited a long time for him to be a really good distance away. It appeared as if we were home free. We sighed with relief. A family of six was even approaching from behind. Things were looking safe.

Looking ahead, the guy was so far ahead that we couldn't see him anymore. Paying no mind, we continued on toward the hotel with the family close behind.

As we finally crossed the freeway overpass, suddenly a rustling from the bushes and the jittery-hand man emerged from off the road. He was now five feet in front of us. We stopped. The family stopped.

The man pulled up his pants. It was obvious that he had taken a leak or a dump. He slowed his pace to a quick tip-toe as we approached our hotel. It was just sort of disgusting until he pointed his hand like a gun and pretended to fire at the passing cars. Click! Click! That's when it got scary.

The family behind us rushed ballsily passed the man. My plan was to stick with the family. It was the old adage that your chances of crossing a river full of alligators are higher when you cross with a big group. Angel Wing Jasmine pulled me back. She wanted to wait as long as possible (when our hotel was a hop, skip, and a jump) to blow passed the guy. And that's exactly what we did.

BOOM! We zoomed passed him and didn't look back. Into the lobby, up the elevator, and into our room; we were safe.

Yeah, it was scary. So to lighten the mood, here we are kicking butt on Buzz Lightyear.

Afeared of scaries,