Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Wedding Usher

It truly is the year of weddings and jury duty. I can't believe the number of weddings that have happened this year around me; friends, family, co-workers, famous people, etc. And really, the number of people summoned for jury duty is staggering too.

But this is about weddings; Charmin's wedding to be exact! Yes friends, my amazingly awesome cousin Charmin got hitched to her fiance Tony Toni Tone today!

Ellvin Kelvin, Timotei, and I were ushers. I was a little surprised at what the duties were since I thought all we did was tell people where to sit. Because the church was so strict, after telling the guests which side to sit on, we had to tell them to turn off their cell phones and that they were forbidden to video record or take pictures until after the wedding. Then after all the guests were seated (after having arrived all at the same time to be seated), we had to escort the parents and grandparents down the aisle to their seats. It was pretty cool.

Of course once the wedding began, the flashbulbs went off. People were taking pictures everywhere. So much for our authority. And I had never noticed how annoying digital cameras were until I heard the beep-beepbeepbeeps every 4 seconds.

After the short and sweet wedding, everyone applauded when the minister guy announced them and we took a mess of pictures. But we couldn't stay long because we had to help set up the reception dinner.

The reception was pretty awesome. We helped set up the slideshow (which was also short and sweet) and the party favors. I was in charge of recording the reception, but from my point of view. In fact, the newlyweds wanted to witness memories from every table's point of view, so they left cameras for all to use. I thought this was clever and I had never heard of it, but apparently it's a common thing.

However, things weren't all rosebuds and Lucky Charms. Near the end of the meal, I turned around to see many people staring at a single table. Turning around even further, an elderly woman (who later I learned was Charmin's great aunt) was not responding to repeated attempts to open her eyes or mouth. Thankfully, it turns out that one of Charmin's good friends (and co-wedding coordinator) was a doctor, one of the guests was a nurse, and one of our second cousins was a firefighter. They all helped her to the ground where they administered CPR. I didn't want to look because it was really horrifying. They had successfully revived her before the paramedics came (within 5 minutes). She went to the hospital, but is expected to pull through. Word has it that she may have taken one too many heart medications.

But besides that scare, things went great. Our family had the most fun in a long time. There was some dancing and drinking and man was there drinking at our table.

We're all looking forward to Ellvin Kelvin's wedding, whenever that may be.

Munching Cap'n Crunch,