Monday, November 13, 2006

Wii-minus 6 Days and Counting

Is it dedication and hardcoritude that a bunch of us plan to camp out overnight to buy the next-gen Nintendo Wii console? Or is it just plain nerdulation? Well whatever the case, that's the plan this Saturday night.

I've been jonesing to get my mitts on that piece of machinery since it was announced as Codename: Revolution. You can bet your jamooty that come Sunday morning, I'll be playing Zelda for a month straight. Heh, we'll see how that goes.

In other news, I learned from Agent J (and Rionheart) how to solve a Rubiks Cube. Go figure... you don't just spin it back the way it was spun to return it to organized fashion. You have to solve for layers by using semi-complex algorithmic sequences. My best timed time is 3 minutes 52 seconds with much room for improvement.

Will I improve? Probably not. To me, time isn't important. The real thing is being able to actually do it. After you do it once, it's always the same (unless you learn another way of doing it, which would be way complicated). So no, I probably won't improve much, but only because I don't really care. And did you know that old ass Rubik's Cubes are $10??? Freakin' expensivisimo.

Stay tuned for our S-Wii-eepover coverage. Should be geektastic!