Monday, September 03, 2007

Greetings From Utah!

Gor-reet-tings puny humanoids.

I know it's been a long timeish, but you have to believe me that I've been busy. Firstly, we eagerly anticipated Ellvin Kelvin's homecoming. I even planned to have a countdown. But he arrived too quickly and well, he's back.

Then news came at work that my area will be extremely busy in the next two years. Fo' sho. And that I am assigned two projects. Timotei is assigned his first.

But before thinking of that, we are on a Fa.R.T [Family Road Trip]! I meant to write about this before our departure date, but it came much too fast. We are in Utah right now. We left on Saturday night, drove all night through Las Vegas, and ended up in Zion National Park for some hiking adventures. Then straight on to Bryce Canyon to spend the night and we hiked Bryce earlier today. Now we're in Salt Lake City at a Days Inn.

Our experience with hotels has been mixed. At the Bryce Canyon View Lodge, two of the biggest old pricks checked people in. Seriously these people were the very definition of asshat. Our group split up and Ellvin Kelvin, Timotei, Mother Routes, and I ended up 7 miles down the road to a place called Americas Best Value Inn & Suites, which obviously does NOT sound at all pleasing. But Jebus, the staff was incredibly friendly (all of them), the room was decent, we had a continental breakfast, and did I mention the staff was awesome (not to mention attractive)? It seemed like a Mom and Pop operation, but I can't be sure.

The Days Inn we are at currently also has a crabby rude staff. I guess the ABVI&S staff was an anomaly.

I will have more details about our trip when I return and am able to post pictures. You won't want to miss my hiking trip reports. I swear, I could start an entirely new Misfortune Cookies saga...

FaRTing on Utah,