Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Can't Belieb I Did Dat

I can never show my face on the train again.

You think snoring or snorting loudly is the worst thing you can do on a train full of regular commuters? Try this on for size...

I was listening to the Jamie, Jack, and Stench podcast (I'm about 3 months behind) when I fell asleep with my head in my hand, propped up like a bicycle. I don't remember falling asleep or even nodding off. All I remember was the moment my arm flew out from under my head and my head hit the table in front of me.

My head went boom and made an owwie. God, it was embarrassing. I didn't make a big fuss about it really though because I knew that would only make me turn red. I laughed at myself with Mother Routes who was cracking up next to me. I buried my face in my arm for the rest of the way home. My head didn't really hurt; more just a bruised ego really. Mother Routes said that the guy next to me witnessed the entire incident and cracked up.

So. Fucking. Embarrassando.

In other more wonderful news, ANGEL WING JASMINE IS ENGAGED!!! I am so happy for her. She met a really cool guy who treats her great and makes her happy. I just realized that I don't have a nickname for her fiancé. I suppose Coxsmith will do. That's a Scrubs reference by the way. They're getting hitched in September which means... ROAD TRIP!

Made of honor,