Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The time has finally come.

This Friday, I will be watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Speaking of Forbidden Eyes, I will be having my eyes lasered this Friday (the Indiana Jones thing in the earlier sentence was a red herring. I'm actually hoping to see it Thursday).

But back to LASIK! On Friday afternoon, I will attempt to correct my vision via the Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) procedure. That, as I mentioned in an earlier blentry, is the "flapless" procedure on account of my thin corneas. But still, I don't really know what really to expect. Will it hurt when they "gently remove the surface layer of my eyes?" Will it hurt when I'm not allowed to blink for 2 minutes? Will it hurt when I'm staring up at a laser and it's zapping away my eye cells?

I will let you all know after I recover. I made the appointment this Friday so that I could have the long weekend to heal.

But in the meantime, I've used very sophisticated Mac software to render how I will look as a result of this surgery.

This is me before the procedure, as I am now, behind very thick -8.00 coke bottle glasses.

If I come back to this entry and have forgotten what it feels like to wear these, I want to remind myself how I hate these glasses. They make me breakout in acne and make it hard to drive. Plus, note to self, remember how I could not see people's faces unless I was right up next to them.

This is a artist conception of what I will look like the night after the surgery.

And one week later, the grand end result!

I think it will be well worth it!