Monday, July 21, 2008

A Promise is a Promise

Because I promised pictures long ago and finally got my computer up and running at the new house and unloaded my camera, even though it's midnight and I should be getting to bed because of work tomorrow, and since I'm such a nice, decent man, and because I'm out of excuses, here are the photos you've been waiting for. I'll let you slowly realize that they weren't worth the wait...

The first grocery shopping run after moving out of the parents' house. Only the essentials!

Chello Bellow at our house warming. She's odd.

A scene from a really bad Cingular commercial or a showcase in evolution? You decide!

Our awesome cake! We ate it too.

At the annual 4th o' July beach bash. Smile!

Cat shows off her footsies. Toe jam!

Balls were flying all over the place! Double meaning!

Agent K poses as a Power Ranger. Fierce-itude!

Me and an unsuspecting Chello Bellow. Sneaky snapshot!

I'm going to bed. Give me a break.