Saturday, October 04, 2008

"Action and [re]Action" / "Fall From Grace"

One of my favoritish bands of the past whatever had been The Get Up Kids. I believe I have all of their albums. They are now defunct, but if you remember them, they had a very bouncy catchy rock sound, almost cheerleadery.

I liked them so much that I gave them the honor of being in my House Walkthrough music video. I used the song "Wouldn't Believe It" simply because of one lyric that related to a new house which went like this:

"Rows of houses on forever..."

Yeah, that's about it. But the song worked pretty well with the video.

In order to share it on this blog, I posted it to YouTube. However, in order to be semi-private, I always post videos with gibberish for tags, so that no one will be able to search for my videos.

So anyway, it came as a surprise to me when I received this email:

W. T. F. ?.

Seriously, was it because I used the entire song and they didn't want anyone listening to the track for free? No one would have been able to search for the song anyway! This freakin' pisses me off. FUCK The Get Up Kids and their fucking fat ass of a balding loser fucktard lead singer. Fuck them. I'm glad they got nowhere in the music business. My only regret is that I bought their albums legit. Had I known that they were this fucking anal about using their music, I would have downloaded all their tracks for free. Hell, they only have a handful of good songs anyway. Fucking rot in hell dumbasses.

I won't "Forgive and Forget," though you'll "Regret" this,