Monday, January 19, 2009

Wow! I Got Shammed!

Well, I haven't exactly tried the ShamWow yet (very seldom does soda land on the carpet), but one thing is clear, this product is not the real ShamWow! Farghhh!

I unrolled one of the sets in my possession and noticed that the only thing printed on them is "Made in Germany; 100% Rayon." I know for a fact, because a co-worker showed me his set, that the true ShamWows have the ShamWow logos on them.

Even though they're an imitation, they still feel like the real thing. My only concern right now is if they used a real ShamWow for the demonstration and sold their fake one. If these shammies don't work as described, I might have to shut that cart down. Unethical business practice man, selling an imitation as the real thing.


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