Sunday, July 05, 2009


Is it already July sumfin? Well in any case, today my blog turns the big six! Six years old and going... well... going. Definitely going.

When I first started Twittering, my friends said that my blog was as good as dead. I told them no because Twitter is all about short, at the moment blurbs. Blogs are for deep, long thoughts.

They were right. It's kind of like an earthquake. Why do you have to unleash the big one if you can just sound off in little tiny quakes?

So, I apologize. It's really more of a lack of anything I want to elaborate about. I'm all about the punchline now (that goes right onto Twitter) and not the build up. Plus, I think I have a bigger audience on Twitter, which sounds really bad given the handful of you have stuck around all these six bloggable years.

But let's forget about the past. Let's talk about now.

Today, my favorite tennis player Roger Federer beatdown Andy Roddick for his, I think, 6th Wimbledon win (15th career win). Tight tense match; Roddick put up a good fight, but Fed held off to win. I used to hate Andy Roddick for no good reason; he always struck me as the Anna Kournikova of Men's Tennis (all looks and no substance). But given his strong exuberant performance today, I've got to tip my hat to him. He has definitely earned my respect.

In other news, yesterday was our annual family trip with our second cousins at Torrance Beach. It's really shameful because we have been going for a number of years now and... we still don't know their names! Next year, we'll tear down the wall and break the ice.

Last thought. I really need to work out.

Okay, that should do. Happy 6th bloggerversary to me and good night!

Rushed ending,