Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Party I Never Had

I love my parents and all the parties that they gave me growing up, but I never had that big budget blowout birthday bonanza other kids had. And by "other kids" I mean my Kwan/Ong cousins. ;)

So that's why when I set out to plan my big once-in-a-lifetime 30th birthday party, I wanted to go big.

After two months of planning and brainstorming and crafting, my Very Potter Birthday came and went and was a huge hit. I spent a lot of time getting crafty and made a golden snitch, a goblet of fire, a shelf full of prophecies, school banners, a mandrake, and more. Check out the pictures below:

One thing that I did and didn't tell anyone explicitly was that I made all 7 horcruxes and hid them around my pad. It was fun watching guests get that epiphany and ask me "Are all the horcruxes hidden??" And then I watched as they set out to find them.

I also created a playlist with Moaning Myrtle sound bytes and played it loudly on the top shelf in my bathroom. Many guests were surprised and even frightened by what they heard.

Eric thought of using a Pensieve to show a slideshow of pics. So I figured out how to do that with a cardboard box, laptop, and a candle dish. People were blown away by the effect.

Of course I had to mimic the Great Hall and float some candles overhead. Wingardium leviosa really works!

The goblet of fire was a simple idea that turned into quite a headache. It didn't turn out how I had hoped, but was fine all the same.

Cake from Portos. Or did Hagrid make it?

Krystine made me these amazing golden snitch cake pops!

Hired this super cute cartoonist. He was also very talented. Dominic draws the most attractive caricatures!

A lot of fun all night with coworkers, family, neighbors, friends. Everyone who has a special place in my heart.