Friday, October 10, 2003

10 Things I Love About Haunted Mansion Holiday

Today I went to Disneyland. That marks exactly how many times since I started this blogger thing? I swear, every other blogger is about going to Disneyland.

Nyet-- To be fair, I haven't gone in a long time (3 weeks or so) and needed to see Haunted Mansion Holiday.

So I went with AWJ at around 4pm. We got there at 5pm and headed straight for the mansion. The wait was 10 minutes long, so we went in right away.

The gimmick this year is that Oogie Boogie, the villain from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, invaded the mansion and hid 10 of his special touches to the decor. It's up to you to find them.

They give you a map with clues as to where his surprises are hidden. Some of them are hard to notice, but overall, pretty easy to find.

They changed the end. Instead of Lock, Stock, and Barrel, we see a new animatronic Oogie Boogie figure that looks incredibly realistic and creepy. He spins his wheel to determine which present/treat you get.

The first time we rode, we got a box with a question mark. At first, I felt kinda bummed because it seemed like the bogus gift. Some other gifts include candy cane snakes, dynamite, skeleton gingerbread men, etc. But if you get the "mystery box," you get a bonus surprise. Lock, Stock, and Barrel jump out and blow air at you. It's really neat.

We rode the ride twice and rode Pooh and then left the park to go eat dinner. We ate at Storyteller's Cafe. I had a good ol' fashioned burger and fries. Really good.

Anyway, yada yada yada, we went home. I watched Friends, Scrubs, and Coupling on tape and now I'm here doing nothing.

Boring you once again,