Monday, October 13, 2003

Los Angeles Sucks

Both Saturday and Sunday, I went with Timotei and Father Routes, along with Granny M (Goo Goo Doll and Psyman came on Saturday only) to the old Los Angeles houses where we had to patch up the driveway and paint a wall. In two days, we accomplished far less than anything on Trading Spaces or While You Were Out, but that's okay. We didn't have all their high tech tools or handy carpenters.

Once again, Granny M proves to be a full-fledged trooper. She was squatting down all day filling in those cracks in the blacktop. My knees started to hurt, but I couldn't exactly take a break while she was still at it (I could only imagine how much her knees hurt). So we did a ton of crap there while baking in the sun. And work is still not done... we still have to do a bunch of crap inside the house. Sigh...

Somebody save me.

Also Saturday night, I saw Kill Bill. It was my first Quentin Tarantino movie and it was such a freakin' blast!!! There were tons of killings, limbs flying around, blood spurting, and I had a good laugh at all of it. I had a huge smile on my face during the movie, which might sound kinda morbid, but it was really a fun ass movie! I can't wait till the second installment.

Today was all about rest and relaxation, so I'm gonna continue that and let you all do whatever the heck you do.

Eagerly awaiting Something Corporate's next album,