Friday, October 03, 2003

Monsters Under My Bed... Tell Me Who's Got My Back?

Probably the only time my title doesn't relate to anything I'm going to write. Well, now I just feel stupid because now I have to explain myself, which nulls the first sentence. That song was played like 4 times today, so it's still in my head. Cool song.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I treated Erico Suave to lunch at Denny's before he had to go to work. We caught up with junk and he told me to keep an eye out for Judge Joe Brown because Disneyland's Own MacArthur (sixth picture down) will be on it settling a dispute with his ex-roommate. I'll try to get coverage of that for my Celebrity Sightings page.

After I dropped him off at his place, his parents handed me tons of free chips. Let me just say that I didn't know what goodness was until I tried Lays Kettle Cooked JalapeƱo flavored chips. Damn fine chips.

Thursday, Angel Wing Jasmine and I headed to Beaumont for some riding. That place is so damn sweet. It's huge and has tons of trails that wind through mountains and mountains of lostness. I was all ready for riding though because I picked up two boxes of Quaker Oat Chewy granola bars and stuffed my face full of those.

When we got there, AWJ had to change out of her jeans and into her riding pants, so she stood on one side of her truck while I stood on the other, not peeking. So while she stood in her underwear, this guy riding a YZ came by pretending to just ride around and then circled around Monstro to catch a peek of AWJ. Damn pervs man! She said he couldn't see anything though because she had her pants up already or something, but still.

While I was riding the bike, AWJ decided to drive her truck and show me the trail I should take. She I was on the bike chasing her truck. Man that was fun as f***. We passed a bunch of other riders who were dumbfounded by what we were doing. Then, I passed her so that she was chasing me. That was fun until I couldn't make it up a big hill in second gear and then choked. AWJ had to jump out of the truck and help me push the bike to the top. Then she took over and I got to offroad in her truck. That was more fun!

So after nearly 3 hours riding, we, both tired as hell, headed back to her storage center to drop off the bike.

Then we went to the UCR "Disneyland" Transportation Hub #1 parking lot so that I could skateboard some. I'm really getting the hang of it. I didn't fall this time, but I still don't have an ollie. My skateboard just won't jump like it's supposed to! So I just skated around for a while in my safety gear (I was a bit apprehensive about getting back on the skateboard after... The Incident).

Then we went to eat dinner at Olive Garden for their "Never Ending Pasta Bowl" special. We got incredibly full and left and I headed home.

There will be a new Route on our riding adventure up on the site most likely tomorrow. Till then, thank you and good night.

Puking up that 7th granola bar (Mmm, tastes like cookies and raisins),