Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Like Gym Class All Over Again...

I'm just gonna make this quick and easy, so I can get to other things.

Sunday I went with my dad and Timotei to our old Los Angeles house that's being rented out by some people. Anyway, people just dump their big garbage out in the back planter, so we (I don't know why we had to do it exactly) had to clean up the crap. There was a whole lot of crap.

So we loaded all these wood planks, rusted gyms, and discarded cabinets and crap into trash cans and the truck and cleaned out all the weeds.

Quick realization: Granny M is such a trooper. She was there with us and she did more work than I did. She just went in, hammered things out, cut out weeds and plants... EVERYTHING! She even got bruised up, shrugged it off, and went back to cleaning. Man. Making us under-80-year-olders look bad.

I don't normally encourage raising rent on tenants, but those f***ers have it coming to them. Make us do all that crap.

Anyway, that night, Angel Wing Jasmine and I went to Downtown Disney to see The Rundown. It was pretty funny (Seann William Scott is funny as usual and The Rock is a pretty good action star [though sometimes his acting is stiff as a monkey hard-on]).

Yesterday did nothing.

Today, I went to Santa Monica Pier to hang out with AWJ. We first walked down the pier (it was flippin' cold) and then to 3rd Street Promenade for lunch. I had crappy New York Style Pizza. Let me tell you, no one beats New York Pizzaria.

After we got back, and were assaulted by many bums, we did some rollerblading down the coast. It was fun. Then we did a little skateboarding.

One small detail: When we were rollerblading, we passed by Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That white guy with the white hair and the vampire... uh... I don't watch Buffy. But AWJ recognized him. He was chatting with a bicyclist while taking a break from rollerblading. Thought that was pretty neat.

We then walked down to the Muscle Beach section and tried a few things. I climbed the rope (which was pretty easy and fun, but scary once up there), we played around on the rings (I was trying to do stuff from my old gymnastics days, but couldn't), tried to swing down a line of rings (but we were too short and don't have monkey arms), and swung on a set of swings. AWJ got some serious air. I however couldn't get that high for some strange reason. It seems like it was easier when I was in elementary school (though I was smaller back then).

After that, we got tired and I got extremely drowsy, so she drove me home.

And now here I am. No plans for the rest of the night. Maybe I'll eat something. And... I'm done! Thank Blog!

Too tired and lazy to think up anything remotely... f*** it,