Tuesday, November 25, 2003

...and that's why a week has passed since my last blog.


Still insane,

Well, I gotta get ready to hang out, so you all be safe!

I've done some animation tests with Macromedia Flash and have written some short stories to develop my Flash skills. One involves a mother and a daughter, one involves a fat guy taking pictures of Disneyland, and one is a Christmas greeting.

Timotei and I bought Mario Kart: Double Dash the other day and it's fun! You can play on teams where one player drives while the other attacks. Attacking players is the best part.

Today I'm going to hang out with Erico Suave. No concrete plans as of yet as always.

So Ellvin Kelvin returned from New York to spend Thanksgiving with his familia. Fun times! We watched all of 24 season 2 and now he's catching up on Smallville.

I've decided that I'm bored, well I didn't decide that necessarily... I'm bored, and I've decided to entertain myself by writing today's blogger backwards! Like that Seinfeld episode during sweeps.