Saturday, November 29, 2003

Thank you. Thank you.

Thanksgiving is done and done.

There really isn't much to say except that I played Mario Kart: Double Dash all weekend. Timotei and I beat most of it. There's still some game left to play, but it'll be a while till we pick that up again.

Thanksgiving dinner was good as always. Same traditional turkey dinner with sticky fried rice and corn... just like the Pilgrims.

Quick sidetrack setup: I bought a bunch of new patches last Tuesday when I hung out with Erico Suave. I got two Rufio patches, a Something Corporate one, and a Yellowcard button. The button went on right away, but the patches were another thing. When I bought the patches, I still hadn't sewn on the New Found Glory patch I had purchased so long ago. The only patch I had ever sewn on my No Fear jacket was the Good Charlotte one... and that one got ripped right off after they completely sold out to MTV and became annoying little flamers.

Anyway, on Thursday, my task was to sew on all my patches with Granny M's sewing stash. I did one Rufio patch (the easy one) and started on one of the harder/thicker patches when Granny M snatched it away from me and did them way faster that I could have ever done. So now, I only have one patch left to sew (the Something Corporate one).

Okay... now that you're all caught up on my patches (and lord knows you all wanted to hear about that, I'm reading a new book. It's Big Fish by Daniel Wallace and it's going to be a movie directed by Tim Burton. It's about the stories a father told his son and it's very very interesting and easy to read. However, I just need to find the time to read it. I'm always doing other things. I'll find time soon enough and then write some sort of short review.

The next day, Timotei and I went to Circuit City for the shopping frenzy kick off. At 6am, it was pretty tame, but very crowded. We just went to get some CDs for $9.99. I bought The Ataris album "so long astoria" which is VERY good. VERY! And I also got the new O.A.R. CD because they came highly recommended and I like their one song "Hey Girl." I think they might be a little too folksy for my taste, but I'm gonna give them a good listen soon enough.

That's about it. I had a chicken bake today from CostCo and it wasn't that good. I'm not a big fan of white chicken breast pieces (I find them dry), so it was kinda dry. The polish dog I also got was better as always.

Realizing it's about time we all turn off the radio,