Monday, December 08, 2003

My Head. She Hurts. And a Story About Racist Crackers.

I just got back from Disneylandia and I'm very tired. Let me just say a couple things really very quick.

I had California Pizza Kitchen for the second time today and I got the Kung Pow Spaghetti with Chicken and part of Angel Wing Jasmine's Tomato Basil Garlic pizza. So damn good. We were also staring at the table behind us, oogling their Club California pizza which looked really good. They got a little annoyed at us staring after a while.

Angel Wing Jasmine got me some gift cards from Pac Sun and Best Buy for Decemberness. She also got me a hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar. I bought a shirt from Pac Sun today.

Disneyland was filled with idiots today. We were walking through Splash Mountain's Fast Pass queue and some stupid white guy thought he'd be cool and hold out his hand (with a Mickey Mouse glove) and ask for high fives as people passed. We just walked by as he begged and so he says, "That's why you guys can't drive..." I can't believe we still live in this f***ed up world that takes stereotypes to heart. Does he know me? Then how the f*** does he know how I drive, stupid high school cracker b****. Makes me remember why I hate mankind... or just the teenage variety.

I ate tons of crap today and I feel sick. I'm feeling really hot at the moment, like feverish. I'll just drink some water.

On to other things...

I finished my christmas card and will be sending out the weblink in a few days. Make sure I have your email if you would like to receive it.

Lookin' all holiphobic!