Wednesday, December 24, 2003

'Twas the Day Before Christmas and I've Got a Murph

Well... since there really isn't much going on (besides Timotei and I beating the Batman: Rise of the Sin Tzu game. Best Batman game ever!), I thought I'd just write about what gifts we bought for everyone.

Enjoy our Christmas list!

Charmin - A bar of soap (Dove)
Lee Leman - A Steve Urkel yo-yo
Samantha Wu - A door mat made from Max's mats
Cousin Spacey - Tic Tacs (8 pack)
K-mart - A hula hoop with sparkles
S-Dawg - A beige Vons bag (plastic)
R-Man - A brown Vons bag (paper)
Agent K - A toothbrush
Agent J - Toothpaste
Lindz - A floppy disk with 3 pictures of grass fiber
Cat - 14 drops of lotion (Jergens)
Missy Elliot Girl (MEG) - A chain link fence
Rionheart - A roll of Canadian chocolate coins
Psyman - Purple
Catwoman - Gift wrap paper (Will have this at the end of Christmas)
Nick Burns - Gift certificate to Vons (Do me a favor and save the plastic or paper bag)
Erico Suave - Nail clippings
Princess Karlita - Nail dirt
MacArthur - Rope burn.
Angel Wing Jasmine - Bottled oil run-off from yours truly (aka Very Oily for Women)

Promoting the season of giving,

Ricky Claus