Friday, January 02, 2004

A Lot Can Happen in Thirty Hours

The eve of New Years 2004 was definitely the most ambitious and eventful New Years I've ever had.

The day started at 8:00am, when I got up and got ready to head off to Magic Mountain with Angel Wing Jasmine to use some complimentary passes that were only valid through 2003.

At Magic Mountain, we got pretty pissed. Firstly, Deja Vu and Scream (their newest ride) were CLOSED! Screw Magic Mountain. They don't know how to operate an amusement park or something because I clearly wasn't amused.

But we went to X and waited 2 1/2 hours for the ride because they were only running ONE TRAIN. That was the recurring theme of the day. X is so much fun though.

Then we went on Viper, which was the only coaster that we went on running more than one train... TWO in fact. Wow, Six Flags is really smart!

Then we went to eat some over priced food. We got some corn on the cob which was good and fairly priced at $3.50. Still hungry, I got a burrito for $7. It was okay, but I'd rather have Disneyland food.

We then went to Riddler's Revenge, but the line was way too long and they were running only ONE TRAIN, so we went to Batman (which is much more worthy of a 90 minute wait).

Batman was also only running ONE TRAIN, but it went fairly fast. The ride was a lot of fun. Pure adrenaline rush!

After that, we went to Goliath and waited the longest 2 freakin' hours of our lives. Running only ONE TRAIN, the line went slow and it was getting cold. When we finally went on, sure the ride was fun, but nothing is worth that much excruciating waiting.

So 8 hours at Magic Mountain, we rode four rides and wanted to get the hell out of there. We exited and decided to head to Disneyland to wash the bad taste of Six Flags out of our mouths.

After driving in traffic for 90 minutes, we got to the resort to find that Disneyland was full, so only DCA was only open.

We went in and it wasn't crowded, but pleasantly busy. We went to the Cove Bar and I had 2 chilled shots of Crown and ordered an Amoretto Sour to chase it down. But when I got the Amoretto Sour, I took a sip and was gone. First real time I've been drunk, so drunk that I couldn't speak. I couldn't remember a lot of things that were happening around me. CRAZY! I said I didn't like that feeling at all, but it was fun. I was numb man. Numb.

So while my buzz was still alive, we went dancing at the KIIS club. That was fun. Angel Wing Jasmine got to dance with a couple of black guys... one being 14 years old!

We danced till the countdown and then watched the fireworks. Then, tired, we trekked to Monstro, and she took me home.

I didn't sleep when I got home. Instead, I watched some Conan and wrote my annual letter to myself; a tradition I won't let die.

Then at 4:00am, Erico Suave, MacArthur, Princess Karlita, and I went to Pasadena to watch our handy work in the Rose Parade. We found parking easy and went to find a spot, settling at an intersection behind a row of chairs. We waited 4 hours for that first float to drive by and it was freakin' cold. (Side note: I won our Uno game.)

The parade took forever to get down to where we were. Right after the Tower of Terror float passed (our sunbursts looked so nice), I was ready to go. We waited for USC to come marching down for Princess Karlita and MacArthur. After that, we were done!

We went home at around 11:00am and saw that the rest of the Routes family was still asleep. Lazy bastards.

I ate breakfast then took a 3 hour nap. Then went to Granny M's for dinner and then to The Oblongs for another party.

I was dead tired and went to sleep early, but not before watching some of the Twilight Zone marathon.

Toasting to an exciting Two Thousand Four,