Sunday, March 21, 2004

A Piano, a Violin, and an Asian Guy on Lead Guitar (& Also Some "Who Cares" Band From New Zealand)

I went to a great great concert today! So great!

It was at UCI's Bren Center, undoubtedly the best venue I've been to yet. I'm a fan of the smaller venues, standing room only, but sometimes they get too crammed and you can't find a seat. Well at the Bren Center, they have a huge floor and stadium seating all around; the best of both worlds.

The concert was jam-packed; pretty much sold out to little high schoolers. Anyway, first to play was Steriogram (the band from New Zealand). They were okay.

Then Rufio was next and they were awesome! It was worth being piled on by hundreds of teenagers (and not being able to breathe) to feel their music amidst the sea of jumping kids. Too bad they only played around 6 songs though... but it was still great.

Then Yellowcard played. I went to sit out because most people were there to see them... ho-hum. They were good, but they're not that great. They had a long set too.

And then I had to get back on the floor for Something Corporate. Man, now they rocked. So many great songs (and they even played Konstantine)! Their last songs though were If U C Jordan and Punk Rock Princess. I hate those songs.

Overall, one of the best concerts I've ever gone to. And well worth the money!

Spelling 'konfusion' with a K. And liking it.