Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Life of an Employee: Hectic Week

Truly busy.

This week, Mother Routes was forced into a 5-day vacation (cleaning the house and all), so I had to go to work all by my lonesome.

Getting to work wasn't tough at all. I just followed the same routes as we always took, but it was really boring. For some reason, I tend to second guess myself a lot. I'll cautiously pull the "Stop Request" cord on the bus because I fear I'm pulling it at the wrong time (even though I know for sure it's the right time to pull it). Well, I finally mustered up the balls to just yank it and then I got off.

The bus. You pervs. Damn.

On Monday, we got slammed with 50 requests to do in one week. So all this week, I was busy doing them all (save for a few that were too hard to do). At least work goes by a little quicker when I'm continuously doing work. But man, it was all the same; very boring, very monotonous, and a big huge stack of it.

Anyway, that's over now. But because we had to tackle these special cases, we had to neglect our regular stack of requests. So on Monday, we got a whole mess of catching up to do.

That's okay. It keeps me paid.

In more relaxing news, I bought Big Fish on DVD and got the second Eye Toy game: Eye Toy Groove. It's just dancing, but it's kinda fun. Not as fun as the first game though (Eye Toy Play was just jam packed with little fun extras).

Some of you might remember my "December Daze" series last year; one of the most eventful weeks of my life. Well, now I'm eagerly awaiting my "Summer Whiz Bang VavavaVooooom Boom Scootie McFlume" events. It's gonna be awesome. I've been spending quality work money on getting tickets for a bunch of crap. So far on the roster, we got 3 shows and a concert (not to mention a bunch of movies I'm dying to see COUGHspidermanCOUGH).

So it's true what they said... 2004 flippin' rocks!

Killing May flowers,