Saturday, August 28, 2004

I Taste Freedom No More

"It's a good life, end of discussion." - TGUK

Tonight, the family comes back from New York. That's right, they were in New York for the past three weeks and I barely (if never) made mention of it on my blogs because, well, because I didn't want some stalker knowing I was home alone and sniffing my hair. I think I handled this time to myself spectacularly. The last time they left me alone for an extended amount of time was when they went to China and I had to stay behind because of school. I had just seen The Ring and was scared that a little dead girl would jump out of every dark corner. Back then, I barricaded every possible entrance to the house; complete with booby traps and contraptions designed to wake me up if someone came into the house (Kevin MacAllister would have been proud).

This time however, I wasn't really scared of anything. It was pretty relaxing and went by really quickly. I made dinners myself and was pretty much self-sufficient.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm really glad my family is coming back. I've really missed them and I can't wait to see all their pictures (and presents hopefully).

But before I pick them up, I have to get some flowers for Father and Mother Routes' Anniversary! So if you see them, wish them fun and everlasting maritalship.

And also, it's Charmin and Erico Suave's father's birthdays today! Wish them lotsa jub jub fun if you see them.

Slathering on the aftershave,

Rickaulay Culkin