Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hollister & Bad Company

Welcome to September my friends.

AHHHHHH! Anticipation hits. This Sunday is Little Shop of Horrors with MacArthur and Erico Suave! Yes! I know, I saw this show in New York, but now I know all the songs and it's front row baby!

Also, on the 14th, I leave for my vacation! Take that family!!! Yes, it's back to Walt Disney World and hmmmm, well, needless to say, we're a bit scared of the possibility of a hurricane killing us (by "us," I mean Erico Suave, MacArthur, and Princess Karlita and possibly meeting up with some other friends to freakin' party/drink like hell!!!).

But the main thing I wanted to rant about tonight was an experience while shopping at Hollister. We went to Hollister and noticed at least 4 people working in the store. When I was done shopping, I proceeded to the checkout counter where only one poor (yet hot) girl was ringing up the entire line. There wasn't much of a line, but by the time it was my turn, it was pretty long (and if you've ever been to Hollister, you know exactly how long that stupid line gets). But let's not get ahead of ourselves, that stupid small line took for-damn-ever.

So here's the thing. There were other workers in there. One was this retarded looking wannabe rock star fluffing up clothes like a little "girly man." And then there was another girl BEHIND THE COUNTER EVEN, who was just folding up some shirts (crappily I might add). So yeah, that line was long and the girl at the register could only say "I'm sorry for the wait" to everyone. And here's something else that sucks. I guess she's required to ask every customer if they'd like to join the "Club Cali" club and for everyone who says yes, she has to give them an application to fill out and wait till they're done! The guy in front of me joined the "Club" and it took a while for him to fill the application out while she just stood there waiting for him to sign. So when she asked me if I wanted to join, I said "No. It'll make the wait longer." I don't think she was too happy to hear that kind of jerky response. But whatever, I was pissed. All I wanted was a discounted shirt that wasn't even really that discounted.

And later on the same day, we went back in and there were at least 8 people behind the counter, but not to help (no no, that would be too customer servicey). They were there to pick up their paychecks. Yup, there was even a supervisor or manager back there witnessing the crappy customer service in the store and she did nothing (good for nothing fat b*tch).

So, I thought Abercrombie was the only real jerky place to shop, but apparently their customer service habits have bled down into their other chains. Well, what did I expect, right? It's Abercrombie. It makes me feel better that they're just folding clothes and I make much more than them. So there.

And their music is too LOUD.

Hating Hollister (but they make nice clothes for cheaper than Abercrombie & Bitch),