Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Rescue Me From Reality

Man, I remember when there was no such thing as summer programming. It was just repeats all summer long. Just a few years ago, I guess some genius finally got it through his head that people don't like watching reruns and still watch TV during the summer (especially with school out and whatnot), thus creating the summer season.

But let's face it. Summer programming still isn't exactly the best. We usually get all the burn-off episodes from failed Fall shows and other easy-to-produce programs (SpyTV anyone?). It seems though that this summer is offering more reality crap than usual.

I hate reality shows. Well, there have been some that I enjoyed; The Mole, Fear Factor, um, The Mole 2: The Next Betrayal. I really can't say that I liked other reality shows, but I really hope the reality fad goes out soon... with a whimper.

But here comes the shame. I started watching The Amazing Race last week and I really enjoyed it. It's pretty exciting (not to mention entertaining watching that dwarf woman compete). And today, I was drawn into Big Brother 5. I've been against this show ever since the first boring season. I just downright hated it because it was Big Brother; it was stupid and boring. Well, watching today, I got sucked into the lies and the backstabbing and the annoying (yet intriguing) players. These people are so stupid, yet so smart, but stupid. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when there's nothing else to watch.

I have, however, found two new scripted shows that I really enjoy. First, The 4400 on USA Network. I talked briefly about it on my July 17 blog. The finale is airing next week and, while the show is losing a little fascination, it's still interesting enough to tune in. Supposedly next week, they'll explain part of what happened to the 4400.

The other show that I love is Rescue Me on FX. This is the first TV show I've seen on cable that uses the word "sh**" freely. It's also pretty gory (because it deals with New York Firefighters). The drama in this show is top-notch. It's hard to explain, but the show is excellent and also very funny. I can't wait to get this show on DVD.

So that's my TV life at the moment. I'm just happy right now that the Scrubs premiere is only 28 Days away.

Ecstatic that On-Air with Ryan Seacrest was cancelled,