Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Anything but Relaxing

I am back. Man, this vacation couldn't have been more hectic/frustrating/confusing/suspenseful/stress-filled.

My god. After that whole delay business explained in my last blog, we got new tickets. MacArthur and Erico Suave luckily got tickets on the same flight (9:45am to Phoenix). I, on the other hand, had a reservation to leave at 8am to go to Las Vegas and then to Phoenix where I would meet them and Princess Karlita to go on to Orlando at 11:00am. Well, things didn't work out perfectly. They were still bungling over the mess from the other day, so my plane flight was delayed by an hour and forty-five minutes so that the flight crew could get their required rest period. So since a flight to Vegas would be an hour and the flight to Phoenix would be another hour, I would definitely not make the connecting flight.

So I asked the nice lady (Jina) who helped get me the reservations and she said that all she could do was put me at the top of the Stand-By list for a flight at 8:10am and 9:45am (Erico Suave's and MacArthur's flight). Since the flights were overbooked by 20 people each, it would really be taking a chance. The 8:10am flight came and even though they offered people $300 and a different flight to give up their seats, not enough people took the offer for me to get on. So the 9:45am flight rolled along and I was nervous as hell. If I didn't get this flight, I would have to wait till 6pm and take the red-eye. Things worked out however and they got me on the same flight! Jina was fantastic!

Well, when we got to Phoenix, we met up with Princess Karlita and we all found out that the flight to Orlando was delayed because they were waiting on the flight crew to arrive. Guess what. That flight crew was on my original flight that went to Vegas and then to Phoenix!!! I would have made it anyway. I put myself through all that crap and it turns out it was unnecessary. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, we got to Florida fine. We flew over Hurricane Ivan. That was pretty intense. It was just a big gray block of cloud. We also avoided Hurricane Jeanne.

We rushed through all the parks with Princess Karlita. We danced and drank at Pleasure Island. We saw Illuminations: Reflections of Earth twice. I love that show. We did a lot. Lots of pictures, but I'm going to choose the best to put on The Routes. That is if Geocities lets me on!!!

Okay, I'm tired and still adjusting to things here on the west coast. To me, it feels like 10:15pm and that means it's time for after dinner dinner.

By the way, it's Nick Burns' birthday today! If you see him, wish him better luck than I!

Smacking crying babies,