Friday, October 08, 2004

Fluffy Bunnies and Their White Fluffy Scruffy Tails Poopsy Whoopsy

Hi kids! So I ran over a gray bunny today. Actually, I didn't. But I was thinking about how bunny tails are kinda poofy and look ready to pop! Well, I was just sorta wondering if when a car runs over a bunny head, is the pressure from the flattening so great that it rolls into the butt and pops the tail off? Still don't get what I'm saying? See the artist rendering below:

Well anyway, that's all. I was just wondering if that's what really happens is all.

Good news ev'ryone! All this week I've been complaining about how my body fails to let go of its poopoo platter. Well today, I had the best crap-dango of my flippin' life! It was all good. I'm not sure what caused that little obstruction of justice, but one thing's for damn sure... I won't ever eat Uncrustables again! Those things are still hurtin' me seven weeks later. Damn you Smuckers!

And lastly, the second Presidential debate was on earlier today and after three or so minutes, when I realized they were just gonna repeat everything said in the past debate, I tuned out basically. It was pretty dull. But in the Los Angeles Times today, there was an article/editorial from an anti-Bush writer who wrote, for a change, the pros of having President Bush re-elected. I found it really fascinating and it actually made me feel better about the idea of four more years of Bush.

Read the article here.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still pushing for Kerry/Edwards, but the article helps us realize that if Bush gets his second term, he'll take the fall for his own actions. In other words, Kerry won't become the scapegoat for Bush's presidency.

Bunny got flattened.

Fighting off PETA,