Thursday, October 21, 2004

From Dawn to Dusk

I just witnessed the saddest Mcsaddiest thing I've ever sad.

It sucks when you leave for work and get on the train when it's dark and then you come back from work and it looks exactly the same at the train station (dark). It's depressing.

Today, since we missed work yesterday, we had to stay late today. Needless to say, there was a lot of work piled up. There's really no story to tell here. I just wanted to bitch about returning late at night (if 6:30pm is considered late).

Okay, you know what? Nevermind everything said above. I never complained about it.

Speaking of complaining, I've got a little something to get off my chestular region. In order to visit my cousins' house, we have to get through a security gate. The guard at the gate checks for visitors' names listed in their computer database.

Well, for some reason they're always Mexican men. Now, Father Routes's real name is "Hubert" and for whatever goddamn reason, old Mexican guys can't say his name!!! He'll approach the gate and he'll say his name as clear as day, "Hubert," and then they'll say it back to him, "Gilbert." GILBERT??? FREAKIN' GILBERT??? WHERE THE HELL DID THE GA GA GA SOUND COME FROM???

Yesterday was flippin' ridiculous. The guard kept us there for around seven minutes claiming that my dad's name wasn't in the database. Well of course, when the retard is looking for GA GA GILBERT!!! I swear, it wastes so much time off my short life!

Let's conduct an experiment. Are you Mexican? If yes, then say the word "Hubert." Did you say "Gilbert?" Then I hate you.

Spouting nonsense,