Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Train in Rain

Take a look at the day and time of this blog entry. That's right! I'm not at work!

I feel really bad about not getting into work today, but honestly it was too problematic to get to the office. We were on time getting to the train station this morning, but because of flooding by the storm, all scheduled trains to Los Angeles were cancelled!

Then we inquired about Foothill Transit lines into Los Angeles. It was only $1.75 for the ride, but it would have been a FOUR hour drive (because the buses were avoiding the freeways like the flu this year. People it's just the damn flu).

So after standing in the rain for about an hour, pants soaked, shivering cold, and unable to decide how to get to Los Angeles, we just packed it up and went home.

Turns out that Mother Routes wasn't feeling well anyway. She couldn't get to sleep last night and woke up pretty miserable. So perhaps it all worked out after all.

Hopefully the rain will lighten up and they remedy the flood situation so that getting to work tomorrow will go off without a hitch.

Got a job and it don't pay,