Sunday, October 17, 2004

On the Company Dime

A bunch of us went to Universal Studios yesterday for my company's annual family event.

We were treated to an all-you-can-eat-and-cram-down-your-pants buffet. The hot dogs were the good kind with the foot long weiners. They were scrum-diddlyicious. I didn't eat the burgers because they were pink, but I stole a helluva lot of cookies!

Then we only had around five hours to experience the park. We went on the Mummy coaster which was fun.

From left to right and front to back: Co-worker Mike, Ricky Routes, Mother Routes, Timotei, Mojo Maggie, Lee Leman, Mexican Guy 1, Mexican Guy 2, Oh Suzanna, Agent J, and Tall Man Sam.

We also went on the Jurassic Park River Adventure because there was no line. And even though it was pretty chilly out, it was no problem going on because you barely get wet on that ride anymore. You used to get soaked.

Today, we celebrated Granny K's birthday at the Ansel household. It was pretty fun. We used to have family get togethers all the time in the past, but we're all growing up now and so we're all doing our own things. We now have to find different games to play to keep the party banging (such as Murder in the Dark, Mafia, and Chaos. This party's big hit was Text Twist at Yahoo! Games. Can't wait till all of us (even Em) are over 21 so we can have open bars and strippers!

Entering my final two weeks of work,