Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yahoooo! Graffiti!

Today at work, we had a little fair sponsored by the Rideshare program. We got lots of free stuff... blah blah. Long story short, they handed out some packs of trading cards that they give to kids to teach them how to behave when riding a Metro bus.

Here's my favorite one of the collection:

Teddy Tagger! I love it! ^+^ I know I shouldn't tag, but it looks so damn adorable doing it, doesn't it??? And I also love the bunny whore.

I'm running on last minute preparations for my Halloween costume this year. Erico Suave is throwing a costume party and I need to get ONE item (a shirt). I'd like to describe it more, but I'll keep ya'll in suspense. One thing's for sure, if my costume goes off without a hitch, I'll definitely have a picture of it on here after the weekend.

Nine Days!

Fading like a wilted flower,