Monday, February 21, 2005

Party Shuffle

Two things.

The iPod shuffles I ordered three weeks ago finally came in the mail. I bought one for Ellvin Kelvin for his birthday and one for myself, but I had to say that it was for both Timotei and I because my parents would frown upon me having two iPod products. Timotei uses it most of the time anyway, so I'm trying to get him to give me $100 and just call it his own.

But I think they're great! They are so small and light that you barely even notice that you're carrying it. And the sound quality is superb! You seriously can't believe such a tremendous sound is coming from such a small bubble gum-sized thing. The box advertises that you can put 120 songs on the 512MB iPod shuffle, but I managed to fit 138 tunes on Ellvin Kelvin's. He loves it! I just hope he can find a place to recharge it in New York, seeing as he doesn't have a computer.

Some people won't get the shuffle because it doesn't have a screen. But the thing I learned while listening to my regular iPod is that I usually pick a playlist (I have one or two favorites) and play them in shuffle mode. I'll just listen to the songs in that list without ever looking at the name of the song because 95% of the time, I know what that song is. The playlist is filled with songs I love and want to hear, so the screen isn't needed. A screen would be needed if you want to navigate through many song files, but since the shuffle only holds around 120 songs, navigation really isn't necessary. So to me, the iPod shuffle is more like the ultimate playlist player. It's ultra compact and portable and just bitchin'.

But enough gushing over my new toy. My other "thing" is a report from Grampy and Granny K's anniversary super banquet bash. It was pretty cool. My family all got new snazzy suits and outfits for the dinner and we were told to socialize.

Love was in the air.

It was like going to the Winter Formal.

Cute airplane stuff.

After all the planning and flower making and arguments over stuff and stuff, it was all worth it. My Granny K's were extremely happy they got to see so many of their friends and family. Overall, they had fun, we had fun, and we took a ton of pictures. Oh yeah, one more thing... I overate.

By the way, it's Catwoman's birthday today, so if you see her, give her a 'Huzzah!'