Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Rambunctious Reader

I am enjoying the hell outta these Lemony Snicket books! Warning, there might be some very minor spoilers (thoughts on outcomes) for The Ersatz Elevator and The Vile Village below.

On Monday, I read Book the Sixth (The Ersatz Elevator) and after hearing that it's the best in the series, I would tend to disagree. I thought it was very good and did include a few surprises and hints at the overall story behind the stories, but I just wouldn't say it was the best. By the time it ended, I felt that nothing really had progressed.

Then, yesterday and today, I read Book the Seventh (The Vile Village) which I thought was just awesome! For me, thus far, this is the best in the series. The way the author slyly slips in hints about the bigger mystery behind the books. I really love how that's done. I'm talking about Jacques, if you're wondering. It really makes you think. Toss in a very clever puzzle (that was a hoot figuring out), some nice couplets, a very likable guardian, and probably the happiest ending so far, and you have my favorite Unfortunate Events book.

Now, I love how Lemony Snicket drops hints in every book, but there comes a time when he's gotta give us something; anything! I mean, c'mon! It's been two books and I still don't know what V.F.D. really means! Although I do have an idea of what it might stand for. I guess I'll just keep reading on and he'll reveal everything in the whopping 300 page 13th book!

I finished The Vile Village at around 7:40pm. Then I remembered that my cousins, The Oblongs, don't have even numbered books in the series (for some reason), so I did a quick search for Book the Eighth (The Hostile Hospital) at my local library's website and found that they had one copy availble! With the library closing at 8pm, I rushed over there and checked it out. Very fortunate for me!

Hooked on books,