Sunday, January 30, 2005

Gads of Books!

I've decided to inform you all on what books I am currently reading. Oddly enough, I just noticed that I did this exact same thing at around the same time last year.

I'm still trying to finish the second Abarat book. I keep finding the book dry and dull. I feel a little gypped that the girl is actually... well, I won't spoil the dang story. But rest assured, I'm disappointed that the story turned out to be just another hum-drum something-a-rather.

I finally got my hands on a copy of Book the Sixth of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. While reading these books, they always bore me in the beginning, infuriate me in the middle, and engage me at the conclusion. I still love the narrative style of the books, but the way the adults are portrayed really pisses me off. It's just frustrating to read sometimes. I was about ready to give up on the series after reading the uneventful fourth book, but I trudged onto the fifth book which introduced some story arcs and now I'm very interested to see how things play out. Who knows if I'll finish the series though. Lind-z and K-mart both stopped reading the series during book seven and R-man quit during the ninth, I believe.

I also picked up, after a recommendation from a friend, The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide, which contains all of books in the Hitchhiker's series, starting with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Yes, the movie is coming soon to theaters, so I hope to read it in time. It's supposed to be wacky, hilarious, and satirical. Let's hope so. Lord knows I need more satire in my life.

So those are the books I am currently (or in the near future) reading.

Now on to movies...

Yesterday, I saw Hide & Seek. First of all, I had no idea it was rated R and after seeing it, I now have no idea why it was rated R. It was barely violent and bloody. Sure we see a pool of blood and some cuts and battered faces (doll faces to be exact), but nothing particularly R worthy.

I thought the movie was okay. It flowed episodically, showing you scene after scene of things that seem like they don't serve a purpose, but in the end you understand why they showed it.

Speaking of the end, it was said that the ending is wildly unpredictable and will have people talking all weekend. I'm sorry to report that I figured it out and it's not all that unpredictable to tell you the truth. If this movie came out 7 years ago, I'm sure I might not have figured out the ending. But I've seen basically the same kind of "twist" ending in other movies, so when it was actually revealed, I wasn't impressed.

Then after the secret was revealed, I found it pretty cornball hokey and laughable. Maybe I just don't dig these kinds of movies anymore. Back in high school, I would have probably idolized this film. But I guess after seeing the same kinds of films over and over, it just doesn't interest me anymore.

Oh, and speaking of endings. I don't think any movie should ever again be advertised as "WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE ENDING! YOU'LL NEVER EXPECT IT!" Here's why... If they only advertise that the ending is mindblowing, then that's all I want to see. I sat in the theater in agony waiting for the ending to just come already. Movie shouldn't be only about their endings. I want to watch a movie that I enjoy throughout and then am completely satisfied by the conclusion. I shouldn't want a movie to be over. That's not natural.

Well, I wouldn't recommend it. It's more of a movie that I'd just like to hear about the ending from someone else. Kinda like The Forgotten. Has anyone seen that and would like to spoil it for me? I have no interest in sitting through the movie. I just want to know why the hell people are yanked into the air.

Oh and speaking of K-mart, it's her birthday today! So if you see her, wish her a very merry sweet eighteen and give her a lotto scratcher to play!

Your local book and movie critic,