Monday, January 24, 2005

24 on the 24th and 24

Today is Angel Wing Jasmine's 24th birthday! So if you're somewhere up north, then you're most likely a redneck hillbillie, and therefore able to say "happy birthday" to her!

Since I'm all the way down in lonely and uneventful Southern California, getting AWJ a gift was harder than usual. I could have gotten her a simple gift card and sent it in a small envelope, but I thought that was a little boring. So what I did was went to and ordered a boatload of goodies for her and had them send it directly from their warehouse to her front porch.

In the box, I got her a Care Bears Storybook collection, a book of Jumbles, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction, and a 311 Live DVD. The USPS site says that she received them this morning, so I'm not spoiling anything. And I'm really glad my timing worked out and it arrived at her door on the correct day.

So I hope Angel Wing Jasmine has a kickass birthday even though I'm not around to have dinner with her.

Speaking of today, there was a study that showed that today, January 24, is the worst day of the year. They're reasons are three-fold: 1) It's the middle of winter and weather can be miserable 2) People may find themselves in debt after "no payments till..." offers expire at the end of this month 3) People find that they've failed their New Year's resolutions.

I'm sad to bring such horrible news on such a nice day as Angel Wing Jasmine's birthdate, but I have to agree with this somewhat. It just so happens that today fell on a Miserable Monday and I had to go to work. And while at work, I wasn't feeling at all well. My head was spinning and aching and pulsating and I was very very tired. Today, I just felt really terrible, not in the mood to socialize and barely in the mood to complete my work (which got done anyhow). I think I just need a long nap and the fact that 24 is on tonight will definitely bring me out of this temporary funk.

Red eyed and moody,