Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We Like, We Like To Party

This past Sunday night, we celebrated Grampa K's glorious birth. And although many of us played Kingdom Hearts all night and others played... well, I don't really know what anyone else was doing since I was playing Kingdom Hearts all night, but we still had plenty of time for cake! Cake! Cake purchased by all the Granny Kids with almonds on the side just like the olden days!

Ain't it all grand?

There's plenty more partying coming in the next few days, rest assured.

In otra news, I finished Book the Eleventh (the latest released Lemony Snicket book), The Grim Grotto, and it was great! Reading the entire series is more than just reading a bunch of kids' stories. It's really like an experience. It's so clever how the author narrates and incorporates the reader into the story. I hate the fact that I'll have to wait till this Fall to read the next book in the series, seeing as it ended in a huge cliffhanger. Screw Harry Potter! I want to know what will happen to the Baudelaires! Ha ha hate waiting.

Partying is such sweet sorrow,