Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Springtime For Richard and Allergies

I know when it's springtime when my nose starts saying "Yo biyotch! Blow me!"

I'm miserable. I hate Spring. I hate this time of renewed life. And it's all because of my allergies. This incessant buzzing in my nose. This uncontrollable urge to sneeze. These blasted watery eyes.

Last year I was egging Spring to come because I was finally going to try Claritin. But it doesn't help me! I take the small pill and it does crap!

This season reminds me of when I wrote reports during college. I would sit at the computer, typing a six-page research paper at 3:00 am and think to myself, "After I finally finish this paper, some burglar better not come in here and murder me. If he wants to murder me, do it before I finish my paper!" The same goes for Spring. I'd better not get through this miserable season only to not make it shortly after.

Hmmm, this blog got a little dark.

All this week, Mother Routes and I have been taking care of the Oblong family pets because they are on a cruise in Mexico. Their dog, Sparky, is awfully lonely there, so I took the liberty of unofficially adopting him. Yes, I'll try to care for him and pet him and make him less lonely regularly, but like Quasimodo, he will have sanctuary with the Oblongs. Today I bought him some chicken snacks and a bone that cleans his teeth. Sparky really liked them and it made me feel great giving him some treats and attention, even if it did cost me $10+.

Lost tonight was simply amazing. The ending of the last episode ("Numbers") gave me chills because it was creepy. Tonight's episode ("Deus Ex Machina") gave me chills because it was, well, magical. I'm thinking aliens on the island, but not really. I can't wait to own it on DVD!

And in the news today, one of the plastinated joyesus fetuses was stolen from the Body Worlds 2 exhibit. I learned from a news article that many people protest the exhibit in other countries. I read that one protester even put a blanket over the plastinated pregnant lady's body to cover her up. So I'm not the only one not completely accepting of this disturbing display.

Donating my kidney to my father, not some scary German plastinators,