Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Days Go By

Lee Leman brought to my attention that I haven't had an update since last week. So here I am, thank you ma'am, this'll be a treat, Uncle Moe's, while you eat!

Recuerdas when I told you about my damn allergies? Well, it's gotten worse.

This past weekend, I was forced to help Father Routes paint his apartment complex. One of the tenants moved out and left the apartment in shambles. I swear, people don't know that you're not supposed to put holes in walls nor gum all over the freakin' carpet! THESE FREAKIN' PEOPLE!!!

But anyway, on Sunday night, I was very eager to leave that crap place because a) it was 9:30pm b) I had work the next morning c) I hate that damn place d) I was tired.

So I was being a complete brat (rightfully IMHO) and demanding we leave. Since we went during the day and didn't plan to stay that late, I didn't bring a jacket. Well, what do you know, it was freezing that night. So while sitting next to Mother Routes outside on a bench watching Father Routes attempt to wash the gummy carpets, I shot my mouth off and spewed, "I hope I get a cold out here and die."

Well looks like I got part one of my wish. That night, I got the sniffles (which really wasn't any indication that I had a cold because of these damn misleading allergies) and by morning, I had a pretty bad sore throat. Now my head buzzes and I'm sneezing like a mad black woman without a diary. So colour me miserable... and British apparently.

Speaking of segues, I bought the new Mary Poppins soundtrack from the show that's playing in London right now. I've always thought that Mary Poppins would make an awesome stage show and now it's happened! It's gonna go to New York either later this year or next year, but it'll probably be hard to get tickets because it's really popular right now in London. I bought it off Amazon's UK store. It's awesome because my Amazon US account carries over to the UK shop, so it was a cinch to buy. And best of all, I didn't have to pay ridiculous import prices. The CD came out to $20.28.

Anything else to report? I had a Grande Caramel Macchiato today that made me poop long. Other than that (which none of you wanted to know) I've got nothing. Did I ever mention here that the new Lifehouse album rocks?

Hoping part two of my wish doesn't come true any time soon,