Saturday, May 21, 2005

That Summertime Feeling

I'm not ready for summer. This whole heat thing does not suit me well. I'm not ready for the whole driving in the car and your sweaty back sticking to the leather seat thing. I'm not ready for that forever uncomfortable feeling in your feet when they're neither hot nor cold and you just want to chop them off with a machete.

You see, when you're out of school, summer doesn't matter. Summer is just the same as winter, but it sucks because it's hot. You can't sip hot chocolate anymore, no sir! You can't bundle up all warm in your blanket, no Bob! It's naked time for you and you know what? YOU'RE STILL MOTHER FREAKIN' HOT!

Well, there wasn't really a point to this blog except to bitch about the sun and all its burnination. But heed this warning:

Summer dons the perils of winter solely for the purposes of dawn's day black, yet winter in its fall forgoes the shallow nature of all its wonderment and spawns frayed hacks from their careless souls.

If you're able to decipher that riddle I just pulled outta my ass, then you sir are not human.

Oh and by the way, I need someone to go with me to The Get Up Kids Farewell Concert in two weeks. Any takers?

Poetic and pedantic,