Sunday, June 12, 2005


Did you feel it?

A 5.6 earthquake shook Palm Springs this morning. That's a pretty nice tremor being that we haven't had any earthquakes in a long while. Where was I? I was sleeping when it hit. I woke just as the window started rattling and the walls began to rumble. I was too lazy, however, to run to a safe doorjam. If it were a stronger quake, or if my lamp had landed on my head, I would have run for cover. But earthquakes aren't as frightening as they once were. I say that now, but when that 10.5 attacks, I'll be the first to run out of the house, screaming like a chickpea.

These weekends are so short! I can't believe I have to go back to work already. That brings great sadness to my relaxive state. But as my dad says, "You've only been working for 2 years. You have 60+ years to go. Suck it up boy!"

Many of my family are graduating this summer. So congratulations to K-mart, Psyman, and Samantha Wu for surviving high school, high school, and college, respectively.

I'll think of more to write in the future. I promise. I'll have some scintillating stories coming soon, especially with the ants returning to my humble toilet. Yes my pretties, drink from the sea of knowledge whilst I flush you into eternity.

Chasing squirrels, hating ants,