Saturday, June 18, 2005

Weekend at Ricky's

The Quan Clan went up to witness Samantha Wu's graduation this weekend which led to the question: What do we do with our wittle doggy Cerberus?

Well, it was either leave him in a very confined gated space at their house with a friend checking up on him every once in a while... or have the dog stay with my family.

Having the heart that I have, which at this moment is shrinking 3 times its size, I agreed to care for the pup for the weekend.

Lee Leman and Mojo Maggie dropped Cerberus off Thursday night with a doggy bed, food, a cage, leash, and instructions. The most important thing to know was that when he needed to pee, he would stare and wag his tail at you. Then if you ask him if he needs to pee, he will jump on you to confirm.

Well, the only problem was that after they left, he did the "need to pee" signal every 10 minutes! We figured that he was trying to fool us just to search for his family outside.

The first night was the hardest. Cerberus would NOT stop whimpering and barking at the front door. I tried to calm and reassure him, but he kept at it all night long. That left me with 2.5 hours of sleep for a nice day of work on Friday. Luckily I only had to work half the day. While we were at work, we locked him up in the cage, but by the time we got back home, he had escaped and was romping around the house.

Today, he's calmed down plenty. And I think I've generally got the hang of his schedule. Wake up at 6am, take him outside to pee and poop. He sleeps until 8am when he has to pee. Sleeps again for two more hours, pee or poop. Sleep. Pee. Poop. And me having to scoop.

We were considering getting a new dog; a chow chow just like Ellvin Kelvin's girlfriend, whom I'll name Faith. She apparantly has many chows and has talked Ellvin Kelvin into getting one. But I think I'm now in the market for a outdoor dog. One that I don't have to worry about taking it outside to do its biznazz. You know, a dog that will be there to walk when I want to walk him, not when his bladder comes a knockin'.

At the moment, Cerberus is following me around the house everywhere. It's both annoying and adorable. But please, Quan Clan, hurry home. I'd like my freedom back soon.

An unshowered dirty filthy old flea bag,