Friday, July 29, 2005

And He Shall Rise From the Ashes

As you know, I had reported weeks ago, in a little hissy fit of rage, that Errol, my iMac G5, passed to the hereafter. Yup, sadly, I only had him in my possession for five weeks when his... heart... crashed. But he's taken a tip from his friend, the phoenix, and was reborn anew! Errol 2 is now with me and though he is officially Errol 2, I'm just too damn lazy to say the number after his name, so I'll just lovingly refer to him as just Errol. Yes, from this point on, he will just be... Errol.

Errol's great again; if not even better! Sure I have to reset every single setting I had before, reload every single program and widget, redo i(friggen)Tunes AGAIN, but Errol's running smoother (thus far) and quieter even!

So hopefully we won't have to see Errol 3 rise from the ashes. Otherwise I'll just kick Errol to the curb and apply his cage to a new Powerbook! Though in two years, I am thoroughly committed to buying a Powerbook (to name Fawkes) and live wirelessly ever after.

In other news, Father Routes has decided to kick out a tenent at his apartment complex who has only been living there for four months. She has only paid for one month of RENT and has displayed that she has el zilcho dinero. I don't understand what people don't understand. When it comes to renting a place out, if you can't pay, you can't stay. See ya el pobre. Thar be no freebies in this world from us. We slaved for weekends making over that apartment and we're not about to just let someone stay there for free. F that.

And F play counts!