Saturday, July 23, 2005

Grim Sum

I am here today not as my cheery self (Go Team!), but as a pissed off mo fo of a customer who had the shittiest experience at a chinese dim sum place called New Capitol.

I didn't notice what grade the place had, but I'm sure if they displayed it properly, it would be close to an F. I hate how nasty chinese restaurants are. They keep the entire place as well kept as the moss-filled tanks they keep their barely alive lobsters and fish.

It was gnarly nasty. We waited half an hour to get seated. We got there at around 1:30pm and they unofficially stop making dim sum around that time. We got some dishes right away including a shrimp dumpling dish that had a dead ant on it. So we told the lady pushing the cart that there was an ant on it and she gave us a new dish, picked the ant off the dumpling with her hand and put the dish back on the cart to sell to someone else. Then there were instances I saw of people sticking their chopsticks into the carts to pick what dish they wanted (and many times changing their mind and putting it back).

After only about 7 small dishes of food, barely enough for our appitites, the food stopped coming. We just watched as the ladies with the carts cleaned them off and set them out to dry. We waited there for half an hour hoping anything would come out to eat, but nothing did. So after several audible complaints by yours truly ("This place fucking sucks!") and trying to make as much of a mess and fuss as possible (spilling tea all over the table), we left angrily and gave them a one dollar tip; a generous 4% if you ask me.

So to dim sum things up, the place is nasty, unsanitary, bad servicey, and just plain sucks. Never again.

Routes Restaurant Rating (out of ****):

Food - **
Service - Big Fat Zero
Price - ***
Eating Conditions - *
Overall - *

Thinking that I could have farted in my mouth and it would have been a better meal,

Critical Ricky