Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Rockin'est Homecoming

We begin with some words from Scott Sellers himself:

We'll leave today with the windows down
And we'll ride away like we own this town...
And living on our own...
These nights are fading away in the distance
An open road in the darkness
With a street sign that says home

Those are some of the lyrics to my favorite song at the moment. Wow, it's been a while since I've had one of those.

Yesterday, Rufio's latest album came out. I am a freakin' die-hard Rufio fan. They are hands down my favorite band in the world (with Dashboard Confessional next in line). I've only seen Rufio play twice and I'm afraid that's the most I'll ever see them. I feel that I've outgrown the moshpit crowding days. Too many kids nowadays (not to mention mostly bigger than me). But man, if I had the money, I would totally pay them to play at a party or something.

Anyway, so their new album came out and it ROCKS! Although I instantly loved their freshman and sophomore albums, it took me a few listens to really love this album. I'm the kind of guy who dwells on great sound and deep lyrics and this album really delivers. My one complaint is that the songs generally all sound alike. There was more variety from the previous albums, but hey, I still love it.

And I recently donated $10 to the band after their band equipment was stolen from their hotel. It seriously was the least I could do. I wanted to give them more, but for $15, I could get a nice shirt from the band. So $10 is a pretty justified donation. I sound cheap.

I heart Rufio,