Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ideal iPodder and Harry Potter

Before I endulge myself into the sweet sixth year at Hogwartz, I would like to tell you the splendid events that sprang forth before I got my hands on the book.

Day started with work. Nothing new there. At work, I made an appointment for a "Genius" to take a look at my iMac at the Apple store in South Coast Plaza. We drove all the way down there and while we waited for what seemed like forever, we bonded with some fellow iPodders and Mac users. They were having problems too and gave me some sound advice: Be strong. Be polite. Be persistent.

Finally the time came and it was as simple as... 1) Here's the error code I received 2) No, anything of importance was saved 3) Sign the dotted line for it to be repaired. The "Genius" said that I was the ideal Apple customer because I did all his work for him. He then showed us how to open up the iMac. Three little screws and boom, it's opened. It's such a beautiful layout inside too.

We drove back through traffic and after a quick liquid dream of a dump, we went to pick up Lindz and Rionheart to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was pretty good but not as good as I expected. Johnny Depp was awkward in it. Still a very entertaining movie with a good message.

Anyway, before the movie, we picked up our numbers to buy the Harry Potter book (sort of the Borders fastpass). Each customer is allowed to buy up to three books and therefore get three numbers. I got three just in case K-mart and R-man showed up to buy. My numbers were 093, 094, and 095.

K-mart came by while we were in the theater. I handed her one of my tickets. So I had two, but I was only getting one book. So I was about to just hand it off to a random person when I saw Captain Gable, Princess Karlita's brother, at the store. He had come alone to get the book. He told me that he was #375 to get the book, so I told him that was unacceptable and I gave him my #095 ticket, to which he was grateful. It was cool catching up with him. He's a really good guy.

After that, Timotei, Lindz, Rionheart, and I went to In 'n' Out Burger for some shakes and snacks.

So now I'm off to read a few hundred chapters about the half-blooded prince. Some news to leave you with. Stephen Lynch is starring as Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer musical! I am so there next Spring.

"So wait and see / I will be / Everything you never let me" - Rufio