Monday, July 18, 2005

Reunion Reloaded

So back in high school, my old group of friends affectionately known as The Loud Crowd made a pact. Written on the skin of forty pigs and signed with blood, we agreed to meet up at the Main Street Cinema at Disneyland on its fiftieth birthday. Well, instead of July 17th, we placed the reunion on the eve of the fiftieth and all but one of The Loud Crowd made it.

It was pretty fun. We all caught up pretty quickly and somehow picked up where we left off, channeling our loud and obnoxious high school selves. Yes, it's funny looking back. You see high school kids these days and roll your eyes at how cool they think they are. They're just noisy and moronic. And yes, that was our group. People grow up in time though.

These weird tangents I go off on. I apologize.

Anyway, we talked, we joked, we ate, and well, there was a lot of chest honking (to put it lightly). It was very very interesting and a lot of fun. Tiring as hell, but fun.

And in more exciting news, two people close to me are engaged! Loud Crowd alumni, Meechi, got engaged recently to her boyfriend of four years. She's a freakin' sweetheart and I can't wait to be the best man coughnudgenudgecoughphlegm.

And in my family, Charmin just got engaged to her boyfriend Tony-Toni-Tone of two years. Word had leaked to nearly everyone before Charmin had a chance to tell us herself. I'm really excited for her. The first of our generation of kids to get married. And Tony-Toni-Tone is a cool guy so I give my blessing. Yeah, I know. No one asked for it. Be that way then. Maybe I just won't take up your offer to be ring bearer.


Loud Crowd Alumni